Furniture - Modular Designs

How about a bespoke furniture solution to finish your new modular design? Designed to your own exact specifications.

Fitted Kitchens

A generous open-plan kitchen has become the epicentre for modern living.

Remodelling an existing kitchen within the available space always calls for compromise, but a kitchen extension allows you to decide how much space you really need and accommodate those latest innovations such as an island or breakfast bar.

Our kitchen extensions also provide a greater supply of natural light, creating an airy feel where previously the space may have been dark and uninviting.

Bespoke Furniture

Modular Designs creates bespoke furniture solutions designed to the exact specification of our clients. While a lot of other furniture in the marketplace has remained stagnant and predictable, we believe in traditional skills and the fundamentals of design.

What our clients say

Howard and his team go above and beyond to provide a personal service and a high quality product and finish.

Cheryl Lever

We were looking for a purpose built garden gym for me and my teenage sons, and a yoga space for my wife. The room sits 30 metres from the back of our house and is very complementary to the garden … … we now have a room that all the family use.

Joerg Stuebler

We’ve used Howard back in 2013 for bespoke fitted furniture and chose to commission him again after completing an extension recently as he works closely with you from design to build and always ensures the job is completed to a quality finish.

Jonathan Foo

I was introduced to Howard Klein at Modular Designs and took his advice on what would be the most efficient and comfortable solution. A garden room seemed the perfect solution.

Sean Jowell