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Trying to work with kids running around, or with your paperwork, samples or products getting broken or lost in the mess of family life? Wishing you could work out or practice your yoga or meditation in peace at home? Dreading that family visit? You want them to come, but wish they wouldn’t take over your space for so long

We can help. We’ve created garden rooms for people just like you; people who want the space to live the life they want.

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Garden Rooms

  • Can usually be built with permitted development – no need for planning permission
  • Are double glazed for thermal efficiency and security
  • Are fully insulated – cool in summer, warm in winter
  • Can have running water and electricity
  • Require no maintenance

Our garden rooms have been used for the following purposes:

  • Gym, yoga and meditation room
  • Games room or playroom for kids
  • Music room
  • Teen den
  • Home offices, or production spaces for creative businesses
  • Housing family and friends visiting from abroad
  • Housing kids back from University
  • Assisted living for an elderly, ill or recuperating loved one

All rooms are made to order, may not need planning permission, add value to your property and can have positive tax implications. All the modules for your building are assembled on site using heavy-duty steel-based frames. This raises your building from the ground, so we eliminate damp and condensation while encouraging thermal efficiency.

Assisted living

If you care for a loved one who is elderly, ill or recuperating from a serious illness, our garden rooms make a smart alternative to expensive residential care. We’ve teamed up with a leading occupational therapist to design revolutionary living accommodation including high tech products to facilitate dedicated home-based rooms for people with specific medical needs.

If you’d like more space, give us a call today.

What our clients say

Howard and his team go above and beyond to provide a personal service and a high quality product and finish.

Cheryl Lever

We were looking for a purpose built garden gym for me and my teenage sons, and a yoga space for my wife. The room sits 30 metres from the back of our house and is very complementary to the garden … … we now have a room that all the family use.

Joerg Stuebler

We’ve used Howard back in 2013 for bespoke fitted furniture and chose to commission him again after completing an extension recently as he works closely with you from design to build and always ensures the job is completed to a quality finish.

Jonathan Foo

I was introduced to Howard Klein at Modular Designs and took his advice on what would be the most efficient and comfortable solution. A garden room seemed the perfect solution.

Sean Jowell